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Top 10 Medical Travel Destinations 2019


Due to the high medical cost in the United State and in the high living cost countries, many patients seek for the medical treatment programs in the rest of the world. The medical quality in those countries is known as high standard with lower cost. In addition, patients will absorb new experiences and get relaxed by the travel activities.

These Top 10 of the Medical Tourism Destinations was investigated by Numbeo.com which collected data from visitors on their website in the issue of “Health Care Index for Country 2019“.  The questions in the surveys was similar to scientific and government surveys.

The result below was screened by MedicalTravell.com to identify only the top of good quality medical treatment in the lower cost and good travel places.

1. Taiwan

Taiwan - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism
Taiwan – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism Photo: Tingyaoh

Taiwan’s healthcare system is not only high quality, but also lower cost. In addition, most of the Doctor are fluent in English that is the benefit for symptoms analysis and discussion.

Medical Clinic in Taiwan

The medical Clinic cost in Taiwan starts at $5, however, the cost is variable and depend on the health problems. Patients can walk in for medication treatment without the appointment. The operation time of most doctors’ clinical cares are:

  • Morning: 9.00-12.00
  • Afternoon: 14.00-17.00
  • Evening: 18.00-21.00

However, if you have serious ills hospitals would be the best place.

Hospital in Taiwan

To set up or make an appointment with a specialist in the hospital,in the past, you may need to find some help from local or someone who speak Chinese. Now, overseas patients can easily access the hospital appointment via the internet.

These are some helpful hospital appointment websites:


There are different ways to visit a doctor in Taiwan:

  1. Walk in
  2. Phone for appointment
  3. Make an appointment via internet
  4. Visit the Emergency room

2. South Korea

Korea – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: Kkw0812

South Korea is one of the countries which focus on medical tourism project. Moreover, South Korea offers world-class for overseas patients. Most health care unit in South Korea, especially in Soul, has an English-speaking doctor available to assist foreign nationals.

Set up medical appointments in South Korea

To set up the appointments in South Korea for medical travelers would be pre-scheduled before landing. These are some useful websites to check the medical cost, available time, and booking system.

3. Thailand

Thailand - Medical Travel - Travel Tourism
Thailand – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: Cbill

Thailand is well known in beautiful travel places, beautiful mind, and valuable cultural heritage. In addition, the medical quality in Thailand is also a high standard with lower cost. The popular cities for most travelers who seek for medication are Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya.

In terms of language, most Thai doctors are fluently in English that is one key to successful treatment. The medical treatment in Thailand is similar to Taiwan, however, patients can 24 hours walk in to the hospital and the medical clinic opening time are:

  • Morning: 8.00-12.00
  • Afternoon: 13.00-15.00
  • Evening: 17.00-21.00

Set up a medical appointment in Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries which highly focus on Medical Tourism projects, many private hospitals and clinics join the online booking system. These are some useful medical appointment websites:

4. Singapore

Singapore - Medical Travel - Travel Tourism
Singapore – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: Focuszaa

Singapore is the developed country in South East Asia. The living and medical cost are relatively higher than those 3 listed above. However, the medical cost is cheaper than the United State for almost 25-40%.

Singapore Ranked 4th in the world’s best healthcare infrastructure (IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2009) and 3rd in infant mortality (WEF Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010), Singapore is among the best in the world for health care.

Clinics and Hospitals in Singapore

The doctor’s clinical office opening time in Singapore is alike in many countries which are morning, afternoon, and evening. For hospital, overseas patients should make an appointment.

These are some useful links:

5. Turkey

Turkey - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism
Turkey – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: Tedd

Turkey is a Eurasia country which most atmospheres are European style. However, the medical and living cost is lower than other European countries. Now, Turkey has large growing rate in private hospital and clinics and most of them available for English speaking patients.

These are some useful links:

6. India

India - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism
India – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism

India is full of ancient cultures and many storied places throughout the country. The medical system of public services by the government is full of a lot patients. Therefore, the private clinics and hospitals are the best choice for overseas patients. Most of Indian doctors are fluent in English, in addition, the quality is high and lower cost.

These are some useful links:

7. Malaysia

Malaysia - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism
Malaysia – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: Walkerssk

Malaysia’s Medical System these days is high quality and lower cost. 800,000 foreign patients come to Malaysia to seek golden treatment with lower cost. The medical process in Malaysia is similar to Thailand, patients can walk in, register, and then get examined. However, the pre-booking is recommended for overseas medical travelers.

These are some useful links:

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism
Hong Kong – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Excellent health services at low cost are available in Hong Kong. From our research, the medical price in Hong Kong is higher than England, but 50% lower than the US. In addition, the medical fare in Hong Kong Private sector is higher than the public hospital. However, the waiting time for medication is shorter.

All Hong Kong doctors are fluent in English and we recommended that patients should investigate the price and make an online appointment before landing.

These are some useful links:

9. Philippines

Philipines - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism
Philipines – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: fernandozhiminaicela

Philippines has a lot of beautiful natural places along the 17,500km of coastline and over 7,000 beautiful islands. Therefore, this is the great place for the medical traveler to visit. The medical system in the Philippines nowadays is high quality and low cost, which the average cost of doctor a visit is approximately $10.

Overseas patients should regularly compare treatment prices and read the patients’ opinion before taking a decision, these are some useful websites for online appointment and reading reviews:

10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism
Costa Rica – Medical Travel – Medical Tourism – Photo: Trail – Unsplash

Costa Rica is one of the best high quality and low cost healthcare services in Latin America, which cheaper than the US for 25-33%.  CIMA hospital (Escazú City), Clínica Bíblica (San José City), and Hospital La Católica (San José-Guadalupe City) are well known among the overseas patients.

Medical travelers can check the doctor appointment and apply online via some hospital websites or investigate the prices for medical producers of each hospital, these are some useful websites:

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